Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Its funny how the mirror even exist... i've always wondered how the world would be like without mirror... still thinking bout it..

Life's been ok nowadays... just like any other people in this world... problems do come up every now and then... as honest as it sounds i cant really handle my problems properly... well the biggest problem and most common one in anyones life is relationship... whats the problem?... in the words of facebook status, "its complicated"... its been going on for the past 4 months already.. people come up to me and says "wahhh can tahan for 4 months ar?".. dude believe me, i cant even believe i went through it.. most of the people will call me a dumb ass after i say yes to that question.. hahaha.. one man's meat another man's poison rite?..

How is she like?.. hahaha.. thats a funny question... she's an everyday ordinary girl.. but like any ordinary things they are extraordinary in the inside.. definitely she has qualities that i am not fond of.. but like in every realtionship, sacrifices are made for the better good... y do i accept her even if she is not the usuall girl ill go for?.. that question pops up into my mind every morning after i wake up.. and the answer is always the same.. she accepts me for who i am.. frankly speaking im not her type as well.. but if someone can change their thinking and mindset just to accept me then i think the least i can do is to do the same..

Aside from realtionship?.. hmmm.. like what i always say, same shit different day.. what more can i expect when im studying.. hahah.. update 2morrow aite...

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