Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Its funny how the mirror even exist... i've always wondered how the world would be like without mirror... still thinking bout it..

Life's been ok nowadays... just like any other people in this world... problems do come up every now and then... as honest as it sounds i cant really handle my problems properly... well the biggest problem and most common one in anyones life is relationship... whats the problem?... in the words of facebook status, "its complicated"... its been going on for the past 4 months already.. people come up to me and says "wahhh can tahan for 4 months ar?".. dude believe me, i cant even believe i went through it.. most of the people will call me a dumb ass after i say yes to that question.. hahaha.. one man's meat another man's poison rite?..

How is she like?.. hahaha.. thats a funny question... she's an everyday ordinary girl.. but like any ordinary things they are extraordinary in the inside.. definitely she has qualities that i am not fond of.. but like in every realtionship, sacrifices are made for the better good... y do i accept her even if she is not the usuall girl ill go for?.. that question pops up into my mind every morning after i wake up.. and the answer is always the same.. she accepts me for who i am.. frankly speaking im not her type as well.. but if someone can change their thinking and mindset just to accept me then i think the least i can do is to do the same..

Aside from realtionship?.. hmmm.. like what i always say, same shit different day.. what more can i expect when im studying.. hahah.. update 2morrow aite...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tak mau ada.. mau Takda...

Its funny how things work recently.. well not just recently but almost my entire life.. and im not surprised if im not the only one..

For instance... the things i don't want i will always have.. but the things that i want i wont have it.. hahaha... i hate it when i see the right thing but i cant have it.. call me possesive or whatever but its me... well i can say that its not the first time... never mind that.. ill talk bout something else.. lol..

Ever met a "perfect*"girl?.. "perfect*" girls is always either taken or they do not like the opposite site... don't u agree?.. but no matter how "perfect*" the girl is they are always commited to the wrong person.. lol.. well thats what i think.. I've been trying to figure out y these kinda girls has this kinda boyfriends??... they deserve better and more than that.. but always end up with guys that mistreat them.. i cant seem to find the answer.. hmmm.. does the idea of "opposite attracts apply"?.. I shall think of an answer and i shall update about this topic.. 9 out of ten girls will complain bout their boyfriends but will still hold on into the relationship.. sometimes the duration of the relationship is about 8 months to maybe say 3 years.. how to tahan?.. they have more things to complain than to compliment.. hahah... very hard for a guy like me to understand..

Anyways.. had a stupid toilet assesment today.. so fucking tiring man.. i dont even clean the toilet in my house.. gotto scrub this and that, wash this and that.. haih.. i took hotel management its cause i like cooking.. not washing toilet.. its like the total opposite.. hahaha..

*the word perfect is bullshit.. i just cant find another word to replace..

Friday, February 13, 2009


My page has dust on it already... hahahah... been ages since i updated.. i update today olso because of SOMEONE!... u noe who u are... hehehe...

Nothing much nowadays... busy with college, lots of things to do and my finals is on the 23th... damn!!... here comes the stress moment again... i dun even noe where to start studying.. dun really have the mood olso... haih.. 2morrow is valentines... another depressing moment.. hahaha... i hope and wish SOMEONE will go.. instead of spending time at home doing nothing... i dont want that certain SOMEONE to spend valentines alone and watch drama.. i should have a more elaborated story 2morrow... celebrating valentines with singles... hahaha... sounds like fun rite?... shall update 2morrow..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey... been awhile since i blogged.. (dun ask me y can i cant answer u.. hahaha...)

I found something very interesting but i was kinda late to know about it... hahaha... its called tecktonik... not many people like it but i surely do... lol.. you know like how the old fashions are brought back to use nowadays... its almost the same except its in a dance form... i respect the person that started it.. you can actually call it preserving the old generation.. hahaha... everything bout it is old school.. they're sense of fashion, the style they dance and especially they're hair... hahah.. i notice most trends mainly focus on the hair...

This form of dance, Tecktonik started in Paris by Hussein Ezzo at 2007.. Usually Tecktonik is danced to Electro House.. this style never developed cause most of the dancers find it in a form of a very awkward form of popping... but they have their fans... I especially like their songs... Songs like Alive by mondotek(Mondotek is the official theme song for tectonik), A Cause Des Garcons(Tepr Remis) by Yelle, I Found you by Axwell and many others that is rarely found in your daily radio stations...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The new cult...

The B.C.B
The Bro's Code Book.

For those who loves girls but still think that we guys are before them, i can tell u that u are looking at the best solution. THE BCB. Once you be a BRO you'll never fall for HO'S.

The Rule
1.Bro's before Ho's
2.Ho's after Bro's
3.Refer to rule one
4.Never sleep with your Bro's mom
5.You can* sleep with your Bro's STEP MUM (IF and only IF she seduces u)
6.A bro should love the RIGHT Ho..
7.(Remaining rules is in progress)

This is to my bro. Vincent Thin.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Karaoke Session!!..

Usually on fridays i have classes to 5pm.. but last friday we had some changes and my class ends at 12.. so me and the gang went for a karaoke session in the gardens.. hahha.. there is red box in pyramid but god knows why we went to the gardens.. i expected gardens to be more classy.. but nahh!... i prefer pavillion..

Helen and Super man Star(Poh)

The so called can sing punya group..

Me and Vincent.. we are executing the Chow Saw Leng Move.. hahaha..

Helen and me..

The Ch gang... Wei Kuan, Poh, Vincent, Kelvin and me..

Me, the gangster woman(may), and helen..

The only two singers that sang that day... hahaha...

Helen wanna tumpang glamour...

Miss Big Pimple(apple) and me...

We sang untill 7 and had dinner.. then we scooted back to subang.. lucky for them they had people to fetch them back... but unfortunately for me i didnt have transport back.. hahah.. but i got back eventually..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drawing a line...

Its weird how things work.. between men and woman.. If u dont stick around much you wont really understand and get to know each other better... but if u stick around too much u tend to develop feelings.. which is a really weird thing.. there's always this thing which is call drawing a line.. which is total bullshit.. hahah.. well for me it is.. How can u draw a line when u see each other almost everyday, go through rough and happy times together, when you know that person in and out... and all that other crap.. well denial is a good way but... i notice something in mind fucking yourself.. its like a cup.. well u can fill it up as much as u can.. but i'll spill if u fill too much and you change another cup.. and you are stuck back in step one.. but how many times can u fill it?.. wont u run out of cups?.. sometimes denial can be so into us that when you fuck your mind so hard that u become and act stupid.. tolerate things, act, be who you are not, making them happy but you yourself are hurting by their happiness..

Im speaking in general.. it applies to everyone everywhere.. And it comes to a point where you see them throwing all the good relationships they have where you yourself are trying so hard to get into one with them.. and it really pisses you off.. especially when u are helping and wishing the realtionship to work out.. My advise is be honest.. go up to them and spill everything.. so what if things dont happen.. at least u got what u want them to know out.. you can actually refer this article to the one i did recently.. "good guys finish last"...

There's 2 ways in dealing with all this situations.. the dun give a fuck way and the just act like nothing happen way.. dun give a fuck way is confront and see what happens.. nothing happens.. dun give a fuck.. the just act like nothing happen way is just gulp what ever that u wanna do or say and shit it out the very next day.. hahaha.. figure of speech.. it'll be nice if human are able to shit emotions or memories that they dont want out... Well there is a saying... "God Works In Mysterious Ways"... damn right!...

*ps: this article is not based on me.. just F.Y.I..